Barbara Marciniak - Bringers of the Dawn 

A very enlightening piece, recommend all to listen or read.

Royksopp - Remind Me

"Everywhere I go there’s always something to remind me"

We are beautiful Mutants within a Universe of spontaneity.

Don’t ever forget where you came from, your true origin.
RC “you are the Universe

Question the answers,
Answer the questions.

Viajo En Silencio

In the silence of a Sunday

I can hear nothing but the

Empty vacuum of my Mind.

Detach your Self of possessiveness and have nothing else to lose.

You will be carefree, but not careless, child-like, but not childish, innocent, but not ignorant. You will not need anything, but have it all.

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Pink clouds


Sacred cows.

Mellow eye


Yellow sky.

Sandaled toes


Lonely crow.

Forty winks


Forty drinks!

Pass that ol’ jug

This way

With haste

My dear Sally

(you ol’ doll you)

So that I may

Take my taste


Seems to me

More and more





Human insecurities

Have become

So blatantly exposed.

But if one does not know

What exactly I’m hinting at,


Just watch a commercial from your own humble abode.

Sit down,

Get real comfortable on your couch,

(You know the one with that certain special slouch

You take your cat naps at

That fits reaaaaal nice on ass or that back bend)

 And after you get situated

 Tune in to the bullshit,

Give it your own assessment,

And make a mental comment.

Then after that

 Answer this rhetorical question:

 “What’s more valuable,

Soil, blank screens, or gold stone?”

Come all ye Indigo Children!

Awaken from your hibernations!

They cannot silence the origin of your genesis!

Just like the Great Badu sang,

“If we were made in his image

Then call us by our names.”

The seven sages

Of Zhu grove

Had fled Reign

Of the 3 kingdoms

due to the unsuitable

Unstable insatiability of

Those cantankerous politician’s

Greedy cannibalistic desires

And voracious

Appetites like the bottomless belly aphids on my







You asked


“What grief!” They exclaimed

“What sorrow!” They bellowed

What’s life when you’re only

Looking forward for



Into their

New Bamboo milieu

They went

On foot

And long worn robes,

Those blue birds flew back

To their coop,

Souls left the tomb

Returnethed to womb

And found truth bearing spiritual fruit

Near Ji Chang’s

Home of 3rd century Shanyang province


To live simple bucolic life’s of aesthetic


Free from strife, order, demands, and criticisms

Of the other sentient beings unaware of

Their being ruled by fools no greater than

Their own people.

Thus, the sages took refuge.

The early pioneers of counter culture,

I call it


Freed to be free with the true Self’s naturalness

In accordance with their adjacent Nature’s grandeur,

Her dear Mother Majesty!



Always yours truly,

The Moon, The Sun, Earth and everything in it!

There in that lustrous copse you will find

Them Buddha’s slumbering on small cots

And hammocks

Playing stringed instruments,

Immovable in meditations,

Partaking in sessions of drunken Zen gong’an poetry

By means of unique calligraphy,

Painting oriental scenery,


Acting impulsively on cups of Huangjiu or Baijiu


Speaking Dao philosophically.

Never a single instant of boredom

Or disenchantment.

Masters of Spontaneity,

And yes yes this takes Prowess!

Engulf yourself in the real moment!

Divine presence

Open it,

The present

Of true pure foreverhood!

To eat only when hungry,

To drink only when thirsty,

To sleep only when drowsy,

To think only when needed.

Feeling is the key ingredient,

The paint and the easel

While art is the canvas

And you’re standing in a Universe

Chockablock with it.

Paint your story,

Tell your picture,

And behold the only truth and glory

Of conscious living



The nose may sniff but what is that smell?

The hand may hold but what is that held?

The mind may think but what is that thought?

The eye may seek but what is that sought?

The ear may hear but what is that sound?

The foot may walk but what is that ground?

The old may die but what is that death?

The wind may blow but what is that breath?

The lips may move but who is that word?

The fire may flame but why is that burn?

The page may tear but why is that torn?

The ships may dock but who is that shore?

The tears may sear but where is that water?

The fears may scare but where is that doctor?

This body will corpse but what is there after?

Mothers and fathers may form thine figures

But who was I before eyes first


The soul remembers.

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Ain’t We Got Fun-Jack Kerouac


Wake up and smell the thanks, love, and flowers!

The Grass Is Greener Where There’s Water

Been just’a ramblin’

Been just’a gamblin’

Been just’a riskin’ everythang I got

Up that road

Down yonder.

Been just’a workin’

Been just’a starvin’

Been just’a bawlin’ for all those not

Up that road

Down yonder.

Been just’a losin’

Been just’a cruisin’

Been just’a foolish in the eyes that aren’t

Up that road

Down yonder.

Been all around

Been up, bent down

Been just’a second guessin’ my thoughts

Up that road

Down yonder.

Been not allowed

Been much too loud

So I found myself just’a walkin’

Up that road

Down yonder.

Been in trouble

Been a failure as a lover

Been just’a leavin’ all em’ persons I once fought

Up that road

Down yonder.

Been on bottom

Been a pillar in a river

Been just’a dreamin’ of some mirrors that reflect

Up that road

Down yonder.

Been seein’ the same faces

Been seein’ silly phases

Been just’a lookin’ out for that home I’ve sought

Up that road

Down yonder.

Nobody knows what their doin’

Nobody knows where their goin’

But I’m long gone



Up that road

Down Yonder.

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Uh-Oh Got that Humboldt Cold

Oooo chile’ I got them Blues!

Oooo wee chile’  I got those Blues!

That bitches brew!

That witches stew!

That indigo hue

Under that crescent moon!

On nights like this I wish the cigarette would never


My American spirit.

Aint no Religion,

Aint no politician,


Aint no person

Ever been greater than


Oooo wee chile’ I got them Blues.