Its kind of a long story made short

Took me a pair of Larry Mahan’s to start walkin’ again,

Took me a Gibson Guitar and 24 beers to start singin’ again

Took me a little California Sun to start runnin’ again.

Took me a trip all across the West to start whistlin’ again

Took me a hit of Texas medicine to start laughin again.

Took me 4 tours to that Tijuana land to start paintin’ again.

Took me a sword and some ink to start fightin’ again.

Took me 8 bottles of wine and 8 corks to start tryin’ again.

Took me a Thai restaurant and a angry chef to start cookin’ again.

Took me a fast talkn’ con artist and a heroin addict to start lookin’ again

Took me ten drags from a cigarette to start writin’ again.

Took me damn near 7 years to start smilin’ again.

Took me blind man blues and Bob Dylan tunes to start listenin’ again.

Took me a dawn and a sunset in Tuscon, Arizona to start livin’ again,

and it

Took me some ramblin’ and gamblin’ to stop dyin’ within

but you know what the funny things is

Took just one word from her lips for me to find love again.

un poco de todo

Such strange games babe

In each and every way.

Those times when I wake to

the dawn of a day

Feel like the minds eyes just

Arrived to this state,

Open they became to

Explore the paint and colors


through a tear in the blinds

covering windows

portraying portraits of old and new Worlds


From decisions 

Awaiting for you around corners.

I am reborn,


Began anew,

and looking to fill

My plate

With soul food.

Shoes moving forward

To the next step closer

Toward truth.

I am skeleton.

I am genesis.

I make chapters then burn them,

I create expressions, 

and my spirit brews emotion

from my heart of chambers’s cauldron.


Before I forget to mention,

I take my medicine at breakfast

Every morning,

During the cool afternoons, 

And at every evening

-daily too

And I call it a healthy dosage of earthly


Would you like me to fill

your prescription?

I ain’t no doctor but I sure can sail away

those worries ladies and gentlemen!


Feeling less restricted in the moments I realize my aliveness.

I ran for miles in the shower today and lay under a bridge to hear

the winds rush and hum salsa dancing with falling drops of rain

dripping onto pavement while cars rushed by tossing water over the edge

like the splashing of cannonball dives into pools

as lightning struck and lit the Earth from their heavenly clouds

illuminating the space of gray hues.

I ran and I ran and I ran not for exercise,

But Run I did

Because if it was my last chance to get wet,

Well then 

I wished to be drenched

And that wish was well


Carpe Omnia


I want lived life.

I want wrongs,

I want rights,

I want strife

Without fists

That fight

Or fingers

That pull


I want those rotten mask wearers who

Breed our Wars,

Bleed our sores,

Pick at our scabs,

Damage our land,

Fill our spaces with ads

of the latest fads,

Poison our Ocean’s of oxygen,

Those who

Create our taxes,

Deplete our resources,

Beat down our doors,  ,

Delete our lore,

Stink up our air,


Cheat our virtues,

To be sent to an island of

Perpetual feather tickling

On the stomach and armpit


I want those

Those who Generate greed

Into long rolls of their

Money paper

And those who claim

Beating hearts are just considered

another number

To be conquered









I want communal popcorn nights over

Blankets under theatres of jewels

And diamonds.

I want buckets of bright

From shiny gold running Suns

To bathe me like

They do the pines at

Dawn’s first light of 5am.

I want births

And rebirths

Of turns


I want all to listen

To every moment,

Take heed

To their dreams

And intuitions of


I want to tell her

A purpose exceeds

Coincidence and

Know that she

Truly understands

My words spoken

 By a sudden



I want to form

Another answer,

another question,

create another message.

I want people

To actually have manners

That matter

And original thoughts

That weren’t sold for a prophet

Or chattered about as if their own

 originating from some other work by

some old fellers or girlies

That wrote documents,

Filmed Documentary’s,

Published Literary classics

And starred in some movies maybe (its the 21st century).

I want to learn

What makes one

Earn a life

Worth living.

I want to climb the

Stairway to heaven


Nirvana’s happiness.

I want to burn

My emotions

For all to see

I’m human.

I want a magic

Rabbit to pull from a

Hat that dances

And dances

And dances

Like Mr.Bojangles

Never expecting a single


I want love,

To be loved


To give love

Without a



your welcome

I want to touch the imperceptible.

I want 2 turtle doves

To show us how to

Become an ocean

And fly across


I want sensations

To remind me I’m

Still here

Breathing air,

Embarking on a

Never ending

Journey within a

Evermore Evolving


I want experiences

I want expressions

I want time to move

Just the way I want it to

Without calendars

Or clocks

Or watches

Or waiting

For weekend


I want you

I want you

I want you

To whisper in my ear

Your deepest fears

And undying secrets,

To open your eyes

And awaken

To who you really are

As I’ll be there,

A witness,

I’ll look you straight in the face

With a smile as big as Texas

graced with your

Found greatness,

You made it

Now make a difference.

Life is lie,

Life is dead with a lifelessly departed passion

Diverted by conditioned educational systems

And pious ignorance,

So do do do do do

Just what brings you to your true feeling

Of being one with the infinite within.

Your page awaits,

Your stanza unwritten,

What will be of your first verse

Once you’ve entered the

Universal mystic?

This World is ours

Children of the stars

And don’t you ever

Forget it.

Your Life awaits!

Take a Walk through the

Open door

and claim your freedom.