In order
To love each other
Without any higher
form of
We all must learn
To Ignore
belief systems,
and cultures
of yesterday
so that we may
And Uncover
our Universe
Altogether as One,
For only then will we

An East Texas Evening Sky at 11:59

There is no better high than being alive to the night.

Melodic vibes and aquatic jives of the glass mirror fish rippling river

reflecting pines with hanging vines under

the moonlit bridge awakens

original mind,

now open to All.

The cool summer breeze breathes music of sound downstream

carried along in a whisper,

a sweet whistle from nature’s harmonic composition.

A family of majestic deer peak their heads up from grazing grass,

Frogs and toads hum and croak their tones

taking turns in tongue one by one

Ribbit ribbit ribbit,

a song is born in the thistle and foliage.

Little Crickets, fiddle grasshoppers, and Texas birds chime in with their chirps

as all those other sorts of animals and bugs buzz a gentle tzzztzzztzzz-tztztztzzzzz

that lulls the universe into deep slumber.

Stellar quasars light the Worlds all over,



singing silently

but heard from in ear here,


clear perfect purity.

And as I gaze upon that great afar I begin to wonder

"Maybe they’re no different from we,

Many are well known above

given nomenclature of stars

which we have always looked up to

as greater beings,

foretelling horoscopes

apart of famous constellations

that we emulate, celebrate, or praise.

Although there are those who remain

anonymous inhabiting space yet never unseen

just overlooked like the passerby or the peddler

on a busy street,

The trees in winter, The leaves of summer,

the sting of heat, the beat, the elbow grease,

and the flower field of birds and bees,

and all else that falls in between.

Ugly or beauty call it what you will

or provide it a name but

you must appreciate all these things

living in our time and place

for our stars are alive in diamond skies of night

shining for all of us so that we are reminded of our own creation,

our purpose here,

and so that we may also remember

there is nothing to fear

and death is just a passage into the immortal circle of Life.

I chuckle as I listen,

I learn,

I dream keen reality from eyes,

Sweet sweet reverie soon to be


forever seen oneness.

A lovely find of mind,

right on time

the dying meteor crashes

as the children make their wishes.

A prayer is answered.

Moment o Moments

Small emerald frog hopping along the river bank making way into murky waters of dusk reflecting San Antonio trees and chirping scissor tailed birds of Texas paradise flying across a calm glassy mirrored surface. A sudden splash sends ripples spreading silent circles toward my bare feet submerged in green algae as I smile and feel the windy breeze as I’ve never felt before.

Where dost she blow,


where doth the time go…


To continue persistently throughout life along the path of learning, observing, developing, and changing oneself to grow closer toward the ideal of truth or God is that path of the eternal, for the spirit of education is immortal.