East Texas Friday

Gentle granite gray skies of rain,

The smell of wet pavement

Reflecting dimly lit street lamp shades of orange

Hanging overhead

puddles made of the many mirages,

A collage of colors

Colliding in pools of ripples.

 Drops of water beads drip

From the heavens lips splashing on

The surface of their final destination

Rapidly like the dying of a flame

When blown out from a candle.

This somber night speaks in stillness

Echoed in the gutters and storm drains,

Traces of silvery clouds roll by slowly in puffs

Observing the dampened land from their

Great above.

The air is whole again

Lungs breathe in the oxygen

Clean and refined from the tears

Of Earth Mothers

Windows of soul.

A hard rain means a moment

Is on the way,

Smile and feel the waves


Something is happening

Something is happening

And you’re here breathing

You’re here,

A living witness.  

On the Home from Austin

One of these days you’ll love again until then friend

be careful.

Don’t get caught up in the catchers glove


stung by the mark of cupid’s arrow.

Don’t fall too fast when you trip on the stone you’ve thrown

from the heart.

One of these mornings you’ll rise with the start,

wake with the Sun

of no tomorrow

singing songs with the sparrows,

drinking juice of lunatics

from wooden barrels,

tasting soul food 

not edible.

One of these evenings you’ll live like

the pharaohs of natures mastery,

feel with the trees

see with the breeze

travel with clouds.

Sleepless city streets,

the old tired circle.

We roam

We ride

We live

We die

We feel


in the eyes




gone on vacation,

we crawl towards

the light that shines at the end

of the roads tunnel when darkness

collapses and the black hole

opens space that takes our breath away

to remind us we are human.

Souls lost and found,

stories of us long written down.

The day is ours

The way is ours,

songs of our mothers,

flowing rivers of our fathers,


of our brothers


keep your feet on the ground

that pounds the Universal heart

and keep your chin held higher to

the heavens.

Reach up and retrieve a diamond to 

remind them their spirit,

to foretell that the infants are infinite.

Look no more 

seek no longer,

you’ve already found it


The world is a playground!

swing around awhile on the


jump off and see where you land

and walk forward into that


Thoughts we Think

I don’t understand why those who say they can


I can’t see the reason why people are content

With giving in so easily.

My lips of red wine scream into the good night



Do not go gently into that dying of your light!

Rage Rage 

Lift the veil from your eye of frights,

your face of fears

And look at those roots that you grew,

Your ancient history

Of which you left behind now dying and

Long forgotten through time,

 Tangled In the vines of kings and queens

Without hearts,

with spades that dig out

Your soul’s sole purpose.

You pack your dreams inside of

A suitcase of trips never taken.

You laugh at and ridicule those

Who are different when inwardly

You wish to be a movement in

Directions that they are well


The fork in the road

Makes you nervous.

You are scared of freedom,

Afraid of choices,

Comfortable in those shoes

Of misfortune.

Poor little me amidst the

We of society.

I’m no good

I’m no good

This was all meant to happen to me

Happen to me

It always happens to me

poor little me

And why?

Well it’s not like I can do a damn thing about


Who I am to change anything?!

By the way

Who am I anyways?

Just a person

A person


poor little person.


Drops of dew in the morning hue

Frost on the pint, blue moon

I saw you walking

beautiful stranger 

From an intimate sight.

Birds took flight

In the evening that was dying.

Horizons set and an orange crescent

Rose to greet those knightly.

“Have you ever died

Because someone thought you

Were too beautiful not to take

For their own?”

The picked flower sighed

The tricked child cried

The lion roared as the pelican


Fish in the mouth.

Something rather fishy in the way

You’ve shined your light about the

Nights lately lady.


Only a pause,

Think it over

Then continue traveling on

Lanes of old happiness,

What would it take for you to

Laugh again?

What could I say for you to

Smile my friend?

Nothing is over

Over is nothing

No thing has ever

Gone over any boundary

That wasn’t already

Awaiting for their arrival

With arms wide open.

I haven’t seen the finish yet,

No checkered flag in front

Of my road ahead.

Tell me your story,

Tell me your purpose,

Tell me your reason why you wake

In the morning and what it is

that gives you life.

Whisper words in sent emotions

That you’ve longed to release yet

Never found the right audience

To confide in.

Well here I am Uncle Sam

Aunt Mam

Spill it,

Roll the dice,

And knock over those dominos .

I love you like the left loves the right

I love you like a hound

Loves his dog.


The world is slow but time moves fast

In and out of the lines from present to past

Go they say

Into the abyss without question

Row they saw

Your boat down rapids and waterfalls.

Stairs some climb,

Like escalators they rise or fall.

White clouds roll by along conveyors,

Belts of the universe

Birthing stars

Dying embers.

The candle of your jade eye

Opens my mind

To find bliss in all that


Your touch

I remember,

Bracelets on my wrists

Rings on my fingers

Tell of your memoirs

In beaded circles

And sterling silver.

We once said we’d love

Each other till death and meant it,

That picture is worth a thousand words

But that moment shared will surpass

Forevers and evermores.

We felt it,


Within hearts

Infinity’s divinity

Within souls,

Somewhere out there

We’re still together

In a strange space

That we never left behind,

Walking down a road

Of endless Summer


Fly on beyond

The hour glass of tired way

And worn memory.

Float into the mystic above the wall,

I’ve seen you all there

United in all.

Go back home

To move forward.

Go Home

Remember the Alamo

These lines of lost Latin dreams on forlorn streets of sad songs sung by mariachi’s

Grab ahold of me and my desire to create arousals,

The art of Anarchy.

Taste my medicine concocted after 21 years spent contemplating

The reasons why people so easily accept control and political drivel dribbling out the

Mouths of those like Dick Nixon and Black Obama.

Here are my Watergate blues,

I can no longer neglect my want to pay attention to this little piece of the World

So I pay for a drink,

Sit at a table,

And make this pen release ink


Human Fountains and disoriented drunks trace along Riverwalk

In search of loud sounds and flashing lights indicating there at that place resides

A good time “A party kind of Life here”

You may get lucky tonight buddy,

Play your cards right player.

Lit up and reflecting it’s bleak ripple on the river,

 red, yellow, and green luminosities,


Guitars play from a distant space while a round brown woman screams her pain lyrically

Serenading my lonely spirit.

2 floating ducks,

Balanced and poised,  

A mallard and a mutt

Watch the night’s goofy parade of rolling

film unfold.

What’s the problem here,

Why can’t you divide it?

Only multiplying for them,

Modern Music in the background

Of advertisements and crowds moving back and forth

And around to different places justifies

Thoughts on time’s end.

How soon is your now?

How long is your 5 minutes,

Your days

Your nights,

When do they finish?

Take a second,

Find a moment,




And release oxygen.

You’re alive my friend!

Don’t ignore your purpose.

Don’t act dead just yet.

Your emotions cannot be bought 

or sold by other persons promoting

life changing differences.

You’re not happy you’re only

Acting and I’ve already seen this

Movie played by the thousands

Of my past.

It’s time to open the curtains of a new script 

and say to hell with it

"The End!" to this,

whatever this is. 

A new story is awaiting your fingerprinted


The ink of your soul,

The youth of your fruit,

And the opened eye of your revelation.

Seek no other religion other than

God within,

Your true nature always speaks,